September 24, 2016 6:55 pm

Decline in the real estate market

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Based on the last quarterly numbers, the Ratlantic City real estate market seems to be in a rough freefall as not only lot prices, but also apartment rental costs reached a historic minimum.

Part of the population welcomed the events, while investors and estate holders suffered heavy losses.

We asked our renowned investments expert R. Tail Kyosk about the decline. According to him, recent positive changes in the Rattoon City real estate market are behind the events, as whole apartment blocks become suddenly vacant in the neighboring city. The cause of this is yet unknown, but investors and thousands of homeless rats don’t really care for a scientific explanation, and a modern age migration wave has begun to claim the vacancies.

One of our young colleagues is already tasked with getting more details on the Rattoon City situation, but he hasn’t reported in yet as of now. As soon as we get some fresh data, we’ll do a full cover on the Rattoon City real estate market for our dear readers.