December 15, 2016 8:00 pm

Our irresponsible way of thinking threatens society!

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A representative, population-wide survey by RatLife has recently pointed out how irresponsible our way of thinking is. It appears that only 2,5% of the asked citizens have arranged things for after their deaths, or, in other words, have a testament. It is also made clear that in the absence of such a last will, family relationships very often derail, leading to serious problems in the society.
The latter, quite worrisome fact quickly led to actions by Hector LeBlanc III himself, who urged the City Council to find a new, more efficient way of solving domestic conflicts. As a result, a “social caretaking policy” has been recently legalized. According to this new law, all properties that are not explicitly included in a testament are now automatically transferred to the Central Monetary Fund that will arrange a just dispensation between all registered heirs, but not before the end of a mandatory registration period of 10 years that ensures all relatives have the chance to register. If a registered heir has other ongoing legal affairs, the period will be extended indefinitely until all of those cases are closed in order to provide the highest level of legal safety to all involved. The Council believes this will solve family conflicts, and also ensures that everyone gets their just heritage.
An expert from RatLife also shone light on another vexing fact, namely the extremely high rate of deaths by accident among citizens who already have a last will. Unfortunately, he had a fatal accident soon after, while trying to get a can of beans from the top shelf in a supermarket. According to the police, he simply slipped, and lethally injured himself with a machete. Thrice. Fortunately enough he was a responsible citizen—the police found his last will and testament right in his pocket!