August 22, 2016 12:00 pm

“I don’t care if it’s toxic, I also grew up in the Sewers!”

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Only a few months prior to final Ratlantic City election runs, ascendant but controversial council spokesrat Dr. Mogax steps in as a serious contender against LeBlanc’s „clean minds, clean streets” policy. According to the new candidate, “it’s a lie, just another hoax to cover up his unwillingness to address public healthcare issues.” Mogax’s claim is based on a recent medical survey rejected by council members “running on LeBlanc fumes” that indicates a possible deterioration in the health of the City’s population due to the general lack of exposure to toxic materials in the past years. Mogax articulates that “LeBlanc’s vision of a ‘clean’ Ratlantic City is pure lunacy,” and in truth only serves a secret agenda “that will strip us of our very ratness.” Despite his harsh, some might say dangerous attitude, Mogax has lately found enormous support for his campaign among residents of Lower Drain Falls and the Docks, of whom many are mollusks, controversially. Hector LeBlanc himself did not comment on these events, but an update to his campaign goals that has just aired contains a new notion, “trash can come in many forms, and we must all see to it that all of it lands outside our borders, unless we want to become trash ourselves.”